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2015 Gulf Coast Council Fly Fair

 Was Another Huge Success!

I would like to thank our show Chairs Jeff Deuschle & Marc Pinsel, as well as our Committee Chairs, the GCC's marvelous crew of Certified Casting Instructors, the great Demostration Tyers, and Program Presenters, as well as, The Eastern Shore Fly Fishers for their Saturday lunch, and John Engert, Bonnie and Albert Wood for  working with me in the kitchen to prepare our Friday evening dinner. 

The list of other Federators who worked so hard on this event is extensive, and each and every one was more important than most of you know, as were the Vendors who also make up such an integral part of our Fly Fair!

Mark your calendars, because the 2016 Gulf Coast Fly Fair will be  held at the Ocean Springs Civic Center on Sept 16/17th.

Kyle Moppert

President - Gulf Coast Council 



The Gulf Coast Council Welcomes

 The Panhandle Fly Fishers as our

 Newest Affiliated Club!

Starting late this summer, President of the Pandhandle Flyfishers, Bill Streitz and his Board, have been in communication with the IFFF National Office and the presidents of both the Florida and Gulf Coast Councils.  On September 11, these communications resulted in the IFFF National approving the movement of the Panhandle Flyfishers as an affiliate club of the Gulf Coast Council.  This move was soon followed by a number of the Panhandle's Federators participating in our GCC Fly Fair on Sept. 17/18th.  

The impetus driving the Panhandlers' request for affliation with our Council were: the location of our GCC Fly Fair in Oceans Springs (a mere 160 miles from Destin); the club's positive experiences while attendening last years GCC Fly Fair; the PFF's close relationships with the Fly Fishers of North West Florida (Pensacola, FL); their desire to be a part of a council with so many clubs in their vacincity (i.e. six GCC clubs within 300 miles); their fishing and tying is very closely akin to that of so many in the GCC, and their feelings that as a founding member club of the original GCC and as a club that used to "party and conclave" with so many of the Fedrators in the GCC clubs, back when our clubs were were all part of the South Eastern Council, they felt more closely akin to the Federators and clubs of the Gulf Coast Council.

We in the GCC welcome the Pandhandle Fly Fishers back into our Council and look forward to many many great times ahead!

Welcome to the Gulf Coast Council - International Federation of Fly Fishers

Check out the latest issue our newsletter the Gulf Streamer

The International Federation of Fly Fishers - Gulf Coast Council (IFFF-GCC), is a  regional entity of the IFFF, representing clubs and members in Louisiana, Mississippi, coastal Alabama and northwestern Florida.

Please use the page links listed on the left this site and you will see over 600 pictures that will tell you more of who we are, a bit of what we do, and the fish that we catch using long rods, feathers and fur. You'll quickly notice that these photographs show a large variety of habitats, along with over 50 species of the fresh and saltwater fish that we regulary take with flies!

Actually, these pictures represent a only a very small part of those individuals in the twelve (12) clubs across the Gulf Coast Council whom we call "Federators".  We are the "Federation" and for over 50 years the Federation has been the "Voice of Fly Fishing though Education and Conservation".  We hope that you'll want to join with us!

Our home page is designed to be constantly changing with the updated posting of upcoming events and articles designed to be of value to all fly fishers, and especially to our members in the Federation. Therefore, this site should remain interesting each time you visit. 

Click on the "About Us" page to learn more about who we are and our mission; the Gulf Streamer brings you our latest newsletter - one of the best in the country; our "Calendar" page shows what's happening around the Council and beyond; "Clubs" gives a list of GCC Charter and Affiliated Clubs (and links to their websites); and the other links convey timely and positive information about how we accomplish our mission of supporting fly fishing in lower Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and western Florida.  

We believe that all these links are also worth your time to view, if only for the marvelous photographs.  Most likey you will see a least a few folks that you already know!

To find the most current information about the Gulf Coast Council, please link to our Facebook Page:  Facebook - Gulf Coast Council

                 Upcoming Gulf Coast Council's Club Events,%20Sue,%20Bob,%20Joe,%20Scott.jpg

The 27th Annual North Toledo Bend Rendezvous 

Friday Oct. 30th - Sunday Nov. 1st, 2015

The GCC and the Texas Council of the IFFF, annually co-sponsor the "North Toledo Bend Rendezvous"

Held the first weekend of November at North Toledo Bend State Park near Zwolle, LA, the 2013 Rendezvous was the 25th anniversity (since 1989) of this gathering of fly tyers representing Federation clubs from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and beyond. 

With no planned activities, but plenty of fly tying, food, fly casting instruction and fly fishing, and with only a minimal fee to cover lodging and meals, the North Toledo Bend Rendezvous remains one of the top tying events held each year in the U.S.A.

If you have never attended the North Toledo Bend Rendezvous or haven't been in a while, your are hereby invited to attend... Hey, we haven't gathered on the shores of Toledo Bend and thrown this party for 27 years for nothing!!!

Rendezvous is your chance to sit down and tie flies with some of the very best tyers in the Deep South! No matter if you are a beginner to tying or a master of this craft, you will learn a lot (or at least have fun tying with your friends &/or teaching others).  We always have a great time!

 This is a wonderful eventthat is appropriate for your whole family... If you attend just once, you'll want to come back each year!

See you there!

                     Upcoming Federation Events 

USM Gulf Research Laboratory Receives the 2014 IFFF Conservation Award!

We are pleased to report that the Gulf Coast Research Lab was the 2014 recipient of the IFFF Conservation Award.  To view their nomination and to see the other National and Council Awards given in 2014, click on "GCC -IFFF Awards" tab on the left...

Gulf Coast Council Authors


Two of our GCC members have recently published books dealing with fly fishing:

Nationally renown, realistic fly tyer, Fred Hannie, Sr. has authored Tying with Monofilament, an excellent introduction and treatise on realistic tying.

Last summer at the IFFF Fly Fair in Livingston, MT, one of Louisiana's "first ladies of fly fishing" and childrens book author, Beverly Vidrine, introduced her wonderfully written and illustrated childrens book, Fly Fishing from A to Z.

Both authors should be available to sign a copy of their book for you at both the Countaband Fly Caster's EXPO on August 22nd and at the GCC Fly Fair on Sept. 18/19. Come to these shows and meet our authors!

Upcoming Casting Classes to be Held by Certified Casting Instructors (CI's)

This space is reserved for Certified Casting Instructors to annouce their upcooming Classes and Schools:

Tom Jindra will hold a fly-casting class  from 9 a.m. until noon in New Orleans on Saturday, Oct. 10.

This three-hour class is aimed at an introductory level, though intermediate casters who want to refine their skills can also benefit. The class will include the standard overhead cast, the off-shoulder overhead cast, shooting and the double-haul. Other techniques will be covered as time allows.

Cost is $50 per person, with room for a minimum of three students and a maximum of six - Equipment can be supplied on request.

To sign up, contact Tom: / 504-392-7511.

Personal lessons are available on request.

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