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2016 Gulf Coast Council Fly Fair

 Ocean Springs, MS

Sept. 16th and 17th, 2016 

Come Join Us! 

This year's GCC Fly Fair will have a host of the best tyers from Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, western Florida and beyond; the very best casting instructors on the North Gulf Coast and for leagues & leagues; wonderful programs by presenters and fabulous guides that will keep you spell-bound; a fun party with great food; and the opportunity to take home fly fishing and tying related art, equipment and materials (i.e. rods, reels, tying materials, mounted flies and more) from a marvelous set of auctions and raffles; and much, much more!

If you have ever wanted to learn about any aspect of fly fishing from casting, to tying, to equipment, to methods or destinations, then this is the very best opportunity on the Gulf Coast to learn.  

Bring you kids! Bring your scouts!  Oh, and women love to fly fish! 

Almost Everything is FREE!!!

No Entrance Fees,

No Fees for Individual Casting Instruction from a Host of World Class Casting Instructors, and

No Fees to Learn to Tie the Best Fly Patterns for Gulf Coast Area Fish from the Best Tyers in the Our Part of the South and Beyond!

For Information on Registration, Casting Instructors, Classes/Presenters, Tyers, Food, the Party on the Beach at the Yatch Club, the "Breakfast at the LAB", Hotels, and Much More, Please Go to the GCC Fly Fair Blog:


Welcome to the Gulf Coast Council - International Federation of Fly Fishers

The International Federation of Fly Fishers - Gulf Coast Council (IFFF-GCC), is a  regional entity of the IFFF, representing clubs and members in Louisiana, Mississippi, coastal Alabama and northwestern Florida.

Please use the page links listed on the left this site and you will see over600 photos that will tell you more of who we are, a bit of what we do, and the fish that we catch using long rods, feathers and fur. You'll quickly notice that these photographs show a large variety of habitats, along with over 50 species of the fresh and saltwater fish that we regulary take with flies!

Actually, these pictures represent a only a very small part of those individuals in the thirteen (13) clubs across the Gulf Coast Council whom we call "Federators".  We are the "Federation" and for over 50 years the Federation has been the "Voice of Fly Fishing though Education and Conservation".  We hope that you'll want to join with us!

Our home page is designed to be constantly changing with the updated posting of upcoming events and articles designed to be of value to all fly fishers, and especially to our members in the Federation. Therefore, this site should remain interesting each time you visit. 

Click on the "About Us" page to learn more about who we are and our mission; the Gulf Streamer brings you our newsletters - one of the best in the country; our "Calendar" page shows what's happening around the Council and beyond; "Clubs" gives a list of GCC Charter and Affiliated Clubs (and links to their websites); and the other links convey timely and positive information about how we accomplish our mission of supporting fly fishing in Louisiana, Mississippi, lower Alabama and western Florida.  

We believe that all these links are also worth your time to view, if only for the marvelous photographs.  Most likey you will see a least a few folks that you already know!

To find the most current information about the Gulf Coast Council, please link to our Facebook Page:  Facebook - Gulf Coast Council

The Gulf Coast Council Continues to Grow!


We Are Extremely Pleased to Announce That The Kisatchie Fly Fishers Just Voted to Join the IFFF and the Gulf Coast Council!


Upcoming Gulf Coast Council's Club Events


The 28th Annual North Toledo Bend Rendezvous 

Friday Nov. 4th - Sunday Nov. 6th, 2016,%20Sue,%20Bob,%20Joe,%20Scott.jpg

The Gulf Coast Council and the Texas Council of the IFFF, annually co-sponsor the "North Toledo Bend Rendezvous"

Held the first weekend of November at North Toledo Bend State Park near Zwolle, LA, the 2013th Rendezvous was the 25th anniversity (since 1989) of this gathering of fly tyers representing Federation clubs from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and beyond. 

With no planned activities, but plenty of fly tying, food, fly casting instruction and fly fishing, and with only a minimal fee to cover lodging and meals, the North Toledo Bend Rendezvous remains one of the top tying events held each year in the U.S.A.

If you have never attended the North Toledo Bend Rendezvous or haven't been in a while, your are hereby invited to attend... Hey, we haven't gathered on the shores of Toledo Bend and thrown this party for 28 years for nothing!!!

Rendezvous is your chance to sit down and tie flies with some of the very best tyers in the Deep South! No matter if you are a beginner to tying or a master of this craft, you will learn a lot (or at least have fun tying with your friends &/or teaching others).  We always have a great time!

This is a wonderful event that is appropriate for your whole family... So bring your "significant other", as well as your kids/grandkids!  If you attend just once, you'll want to come back each year!

See you there!

                  Upcoming Federation Events 



Texas Expo 2016

Texas Council of the International Federation of Fly Fishers are excited to announce our third annual Texas Council Fly Fishing Expo happening in September of 2016, bringing the show to North Texas for the first time. Grapevine Texas, located just minutes from DFW airport and located in the historic downtown location at the Convention center.

Follow us here at:

                                                       “Destination Texas”

Destination Texas will sum up what the intent will be for our third Expo. You hear it all the time. Where do you fly fish in Texas? Thought you had to go to Colorado to fly fish? We Texans know that is not the case, and our goal will be to Educate the state on how to fly fish in Texas.

Join us September 8-10, in Grapevine at the Convention Center, at the Recreation Center, and at Oak Grove Park on Lake Grapevine. The expo will be in multiple locations, as we take full advantage of classroom and on the water situations. Oak Grove Park will be the location we use for the Casting Programs, Certifications, and on the water classes we will offer. And this year we will have kayak clinics and demonstrations from local marine dealers. That will include how to fish out of a kayak, how to read water, how to cast on the water, and how to read the water. The pavilion will be used for lunch and refreshments. There will be plenty of parking available here, and a shuttle service will take you back and forth to the Convention Center. Steve Hollensed, a Master Certified Casting Instructor will head up the casting workshops, programs, and MCI / CCI Certification classes.

The Convention Center will be the main events area. Here you will be able to participate and observe some of the Best Fly Tiers in the country, including Realistic Fly Tier Fred Hannie and Matt Bennett, the most recent Charlie Brooks Memorial winner from this years IFFF National Fair!!. There will be tying demonstrations, and tying classes where you can participate. Retail stores to include Tailwaters, Living Waters Fly Shop, Backwoods, Mariner Sails, Cabela’s, and so many more. Education classes for the youth from Texas Parks and Wildlife. Guides from all over the state explaining how, when, and where to fly fish in Texas. Youth and Women’s Outreach programs.

Thursday night the 8th, there will be a Welcoming Dinner to get to know each other, a Texas BBQ on the banks of Lake Grapevine, that will set the stage for the days to come. Friday night the 9th, we will be hosting many activities to be announced soon. Excited to have this venue for all to enjoy. Saturday night the 10th, there will be an Auction with BIG Time Raffles, and a Special Guest Speaker to be announced soon. Casting workshops will happen on the 8th, along with Certified Casting Testing. The main show will be on the 9th – 10th.

For the latest information, check out our website at:

Also follow us on Facebook:

We hope you plan on using New Braunfels as your summer get away this year, as there is so much to do. Support our New Council, and join us for an amazing fly fishing weekend!!!

Sincerely and look forward to seeing you there,

Russell Husted - President Texas Council - IFFF


Mail completed form and fees to:

Chris Jackson
205 River Valley Trail
Norfork AR 72658

Click to download form available below:

Pre-Registration Form 2016 [PDF] - Revised 8.8.2016

University of Southern Mississippi - Gulf Research Laboratory Continues to Receive Recognition and funding by the IFFF and the GCC!

We are pleased to report that Jason Tilley, a graduate student at the GCRL working on his Ph.D. under Dr. Jim Franks, was awarded the IFFF's Robert J. Marrotte Scholarship Award - A cash grant given annualy by the IFFF to a deserving student in undergraduate or graduate biology or a similar field who is specializing in fishery management, cold water or warm waters, fresh water or salt.  While this Award is from the IFFF and was announced at the IFFF Fly Fair in August in Bend Oregon, last Septemenber at the GCC Fly Fair's "Beakfast at the Lab." in September, the GCC also recognized Jason for this honor.  Congratuations from the Council to Jason!

In the Spring of 2015, the Gulf Coast Council awarded a grant of $2,000 to the GCRL. This money represented 50% of the profits from our inaugural, 2014 GCC Fly Fair.  In early 2016, Gulf Coast Council will be making another such award of 50% of the profits from the 2015 GCC Fly Fair to the Gulf Coast Research Lab.  In order to continue to assist the Lab with their outstanding research/conservation work, the Gulf Coast Council plans to continue to make such annual wards to the GCRL.

The Gulf Coast Research Lab was the 2014 recipient of the IFFF Conservation Award. This is the Federation's highest honor for conservation and was presented to the GCRL for their 30+ years of research and work on restoring the Gulf Race Stripers.  (See GCRL Striped Bass Restoration Program tab on the left)  

To view the GCRL's  2014 IFFF Conservation Award nomination and to see the other National and Council Awards previously given to members of the GCC, click on "GCC-IFFF Awards" tab on the left...

Gulf Coast Council Authors


Two of our GCC members have recently published books dealing with fly fishing:

Nationally renown, realistic fly tyer, Fred Hannie, Sr. has authored Tying with Monofilament, an excellent introduction and treatise on realistic tying. 

A little over a year ago at the IFFF Fly Fair in Livingston, MT, one of Louisiana's "first ladies of fly fishing" and childrens book author, Beverly Vidrine, introduced her wonderfully written and illustrated children's book, Fly Fishing from A to Z.

Both authors regularly appear at the annual GCC Fly Fair in Ocean Springs and at various GCC club shows across the Council where they are available to sign a copy of their book for you. (See the Calendar link above.) Come to these shows and meet our authors!

Upcoming Casting Classes to be Held by Certified Casting Instructors (CI's/MCI's)

(This space is reserved for Certified Casting Instructors to annouce their upcooming Classes and Schools)

The Camp Fly Fishing School, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

2016 dates: April 23, May 28, June 25, Sept. 24

Classes are held at "The Camp" facility in Breaux Bridge, featuring a stocked pond and an air-conditioned classroom. Price of $150 includes one full day of instruction, 8:00am to 5:00pm, lunch, refreshments, and handouts. Instructors are all FFF Certified Casting Instructors, Master CCIs and Casting Board Governors.

April 23 - Beginners - Learn what you need to be well on your way to practicing the skills necessary to begin fly fishing. Covered is equipment, leaders, knots, and much more, with a strong emphasis on casting. Instructors are FFF Master Certified.

May 28 - Advanced - This clinic starts off where the Introductory clinic left off. Learn to get more distance with more efficiency and learn specialty casts that will cover numerous fishing situations. Instructors are FFF Master Certified.

June 25 - Advanced / Instructor's Prep - If you are interested in further advancing your skill level with some techniques for getting more distance, handling the wind and more, this is the class for you. At the same time you will be exposed to the skills you need to become a casting instructor. This is a great review course to see if you are ready for the FFF's Certification exam.

For details, go to:

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